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Winding/Measuring Machine-AC Inverter 1000KG

Part Number:RD/AC1300

The RD/AC1300 Winding & Measuring machine is a heavy-duty machine capable of handling reels up to 1000kg weight and reels up to 1,300mm diameter x 1,000mm width. It will also accommodate cable up to a maximum of 63mm diameter (2.5").

Powered by a 2.2kW electric motor (also featuring an electric brake), through a step-down gearbox drive, this machine is powerful.

Yet, despite the ability to handle large cable and reels, it is designed to be gentle with cable especially important when winding fibre-optic or finer products.

The AC Inverter control system provides the means to incorporate features such as:

  • Electric brake motor arrests "over-run" at the end of the count.
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of a preset cable length.
  • Auto slow-down speed 12 meters before the the end of the preset cable length (adjustable)
  • Programmable metric electronic counter and encoder, which allows for the winder to be recalibrated.
  • Dual speeds with pfull potentiometer speed control within both ranges.

Other safety features include "Dead-Man" switch which allows winding only while operator is in contact with machine, (and will automatically brake stop the machine when contact is removed), as well as two Emergency Stop buttons located both on the control box as well as on the Meter-head

Ramp-up and ramp-down acceleration/deceleration  rates can be adjusted.

A hydraulic ram with an electric/hydraulic pump is fitted to allow for drum size adjustments and ejection.

Drum inching can be achieved by using the 2 x "Forward/Reverse"  jog buttons.

The inverter has 2 speed ranges.
Setting 1 for drums 500mm diameter and larger.
Setting 2 for drums smaller than 500mm diameter.
Both speed ranges are fully variable with the speed control knob.
Automatic switch off of the winder at the end of the preset cable length.

Roll on roll off loading of cable drums eliminates lifting.
2 adjustable guide wheels keep the drum centred on the drive roller.
This winder is designed to run parallel to cable racking.

An rubber lines attachment winding drum is supplied with the winder, allowing for winding coils or holding smaller reels.

Flame Red powder-coat finish.

Width:       1800mm x 2550mm
Height:      1450mm
Weight:      300kg

Maximum size:      1,300mm Diameter x 1,000mm width
Maximum loading: 1000KG
Power supply required 240VAC / 15A (Single phase outlet)

Main supply circuit breaker.
Control wiring circuit breaker.
Inverter has inbuilt protection.
2 emergency stop buttons are fitted:
• 1 on the control box.
• 1 on the meter-head.