Product Catalogue

Hand-Winder 600mm Cage for Cable

Part Number:HW1/600

The same as the HW1/800 Hand-Winder but supplied with a smaller 600mm diameter winding/coiling cage for smaller cables or for products with smaller bend radius.

Max diameter of product through the standard meterhead is 32mm.
The meterhead height is adjustable.

This winder is fitted with a mechanical counter, and is designed to measure in metres (max. 9999.9m)

This unit will wind flexible materials into coils. Half of the winding cage slides off the axle to allow the
wound coil to be taken from the winder.

Fitted wheels allow the unit to be moved.

Flame Red powder-coat finish.

Two winding cage sizes are available for selection.
Small: 600mm outside diameter, 280mm centre diameter, & 250mm wide. (Model: HW1/600)
Large: 800mm outside diameter, 440mm centre diameter & 250mm wide.  (Model: HW1/800)

Height:     1200mm
Width:        420mm
Length:    1350mm
Weight:        40kg

Maximum loading: 90kg

Optional Drum Winding Attachment: (Model HW1/DWA - see separate listing)
Fits on the HW1 Handwinder and allows a variety of small drums to be used, tin reels, wood, cardboard,
plastic, etc. to a maximum size of 330mm wide and 500mm in diameter.

Minimum Drum Centre Hole: (HW1/DWA)
Attachment will fit 45mm drum hole.