Product Catalogue

Material Payoff Turntable-100kg

Part Number:MT4

The MT4 Material Payoff Turntable is an adjustable turntable for location on a flat hoizontal surface such as a table, benchtop or floor and provides an easy method of uncoiling loose coils of cable, hose, flexible tubing, rope or wire rope/cable.


  • Allows material to unravel in a neat and tidy length without twists and kinks.
  • Minimum centre core 150mm extends to 900mm.
  • Uprights adjust to suit centre core of material.
  • Can be used for all types of drums, tin reels, small wooden drums, cardboard, etc. by removing the uprights.
  • Adjustable brake to stop over run.
  • Unit can be tilted to give the material an incline if needed.

Diameter                  Height                  Weight
1000mm                   520mm                   13kg

Max Loading:          100kg