Product Catalogue

These Hand-Winding/Measuring machines are heavy-duty units with various Meter-Heads available to accommodate the winding and measurement of electric cable, hose rope or wire-rope even up to 63mm diameter hose if required.

They are designed to easily wind & measure cable from a supply reel for easy coiling as the winding cage will easily release into two halves to allow removal of the wound coil.

The mechanical counter will measure from 0 - 9999 metre in 0.1 metre increments.

The Winding Cage supplied is available in either 600mm or 800mm diameter depending on the bend radius of the product being coiled.

An optional Drum Winding Attachment will allow for the Coiling Cage to be removed and replaced with a metal, plastic, wooden or cardboard reel to allow for direct winding and measurement of the product onto the reel.

Hand-Winder 600mm Cage for Cable
Hand-Winder 800mm Cage for Cable
Hand-Winder 600mm Cage for Hose
Hand-Winder 800mm Cage for Hose
Drum Winding Attachment for HW1 Hand-Winder