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Winding Machine-Rim Drive AC Inverter

Part Number:W1/AC

The W1/AC Winding/Measuring machine is a rim-drive winding machine similar to the W1 machine but with a more powerful 1.5kw brake motor with inverter speed control and, more importantly, is equipped with the more sophisticated AC Inverter/electronic control and measuring system as exists on the larger RD/AC1300 (1 Tonne) and RDW1/AC (2 Tonne) winding machines.

This provides excellent cable handling control control particularly useful for handling fibre-optic cable with auto ramp-up/ramp-down speeds cause less stress on cables.

The (electric) brake motor arrests drum over run at the end of the count.
A programmable metric electronic counter is fitted, which also allows for the winder to be recalibrated.
A slow down speed operates 10 metres before the end of a preset cable length (adjustable)
The unit also features automatic switch-off of the winder at the end of a preset cable length.
The W1/AC comes equipped with wheels for easy relocation around the factory/warehouse floor.

Drum inching can be achieved by using the "Forward/Reverse" jog button.
A "Dead-Man" switch is built into the handgrip of the meterhead for operator safety.

Speeds are fully variable with the speed control knob.

Power supply required is a standard 240VAC/10A GPO.

Flame Red powder-coat finish & black base.

Maximum size: Diameter 900mm x width 750mm
Maximum loading: 500kg

Roll on roll off loading of cable drums eliminates lifting.
Adjustable four roller system will allow for slightly damaged drums.
This winder is designed to run parallel to cable racking.
A coil winding and small reel winding attachment drum is supplied.

Main supply circuit breaker.
Control wiring circuit breaker.
Inverter has inbuilt protection.
One emergency stop button is fitted to the meterhead.

Length:     194cm     
Width:       134cm     
Height:      124cm     
Weight:     200kg