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Benchtop Winding/Coiling Machine-AC Inverter

Part Number:BT/AC

The Benchtop Winding Machine Model BT/AC is an electric powered winding & measuring machine for winding smaller electric cable, wire rope, and especially fibre-optic cable into smaller coils or onto smaller drums or reels.

It is efficiently powered by a 0.75kw electric brake motor with inverter speed control for precise cable management.  The brake motor arrests over run at the end of the count.

This unit is also equipped with a programmable metric electronic counter, which also allows for the winder to be recalibrated as often as required.

An auto "slow-down" speed operates 10 metres before the end of a preset cable length (adjustable)
Automatic switch-off of the winder at the end of a preset cable length.

Slow down "inching" can be achieved by using the forward-reverse jog button.
A boot switch is supplied for operator safety (dead man switch).

The inverter has 2 winding speed ranges. Setting 1 is for the coiling cage & larger drums. Setting 2 is for small reels.  Both speed ranges are fully variable with the speed control knob.

A coiling cage and drum winding attachment is supplied.
Dimensions for the coiling cage is 600mm outer diameter, 250mm width and 280mm inner diameter.

Flame Red powder-coat finish.

Mains supply circuit breaker.
Control wiring circuit breaker.
Inverter has inbuilt protection.
One emergency stop button on the meterhead.

Maximum size:       Diameter 450mm.        Width 300mm
Maximum loading: 100kg

Length:                 125cm
Width:                    45cm
Height:                 118cm
Weight:                 120kg

240VAC / 10A (Standard Single GPO)