Product Catalogue

A number of different model electric powered cable winding and measuring machines are available covering varying reel sizes and loads.

Power supply varies from the standard 240VAC / 10A supply through to 3-phase 415VAC / 20A requirements on the largest 2,000kg AC-Inverter controlled machine.

All standard (non-inverter controlled) machines feature clutch/brake motors with mechanical control for safety and reliability.

Standard mechanical control models are available from smaller electric powered coil winding machines, through to larger powered winding/measuring machines for reels up to 900mm diameter and loads up to 450kg, for the measurement of electrical cable, hose, or wire rope up to 32mm OD.

The AC-Inverter controlled machines feature electronic encoders and counters that are fully programmable and able to be re-calibrated as many times as required and are available in various models for coiling or winding/measuring cable, rope or hose up to 75mm OD and reels up to 1,600mm diameter and up to 1,200mm width

All AC-Inverter control models feature automatic switch off at the end of a pre-set cable length, jog function, auto-slow-down and fully adjustable speed controls.

Please see the model information on this site or contact us for further information.

Winding/Measuring Machine - Rim Drive Electric
Winding Machine-Rim Drive AC Inverter
Winding/Coiling Machine-Electric
Winding/Coiling Machine-AC Inverter
Benchtop Winding/Coiling Machine-AC Inverter
Winding/Measuring Machine-AC Inverter 1000KG
Winding/Measuring Machine-AC Inverter 2000KG