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Cable Roller [2-Rollers] 85kg

Part Number:A2

 Our popular A-Series Cable Rollers simply roll the reel onto the cable winder, feed the cable between the rear roller and base (in the case of the A-Series) and your are ready to operate.

The reel will roll on the base as the cable is dispensed and the reel cannot dislodge from the base as the cable is captive between the rear roller and base.

The base sizes and four model variations availabe covering small to large reels up to 90mm diameter and 200kg maximum load.

The A2 accommodates all cable drums from 450mm to maximum size of 750mm diameter x 450mm wide.

Larger Frame than A1 and features 2 rollers that can be located on either the base or one located at the top rear.

Note: Damaged drums smaller than 450mm diameter can be fitted to top roller.
(drum centre hole 50mm min).

Flame Red powder-coat finish.

Height:  270mm

Width:   520mm
Depth:   520mm
Weight:  7kg
Max. Loading:  85kg