Product Catalogue

Portable Payoff Rollers-800KG

Part Number:PPR1

Portable Payoff Rollers are a pair of floor mounted rollers and have been designed by Starroll Industries to provide a quick and cost effective solution for dispensing cable from drums up to 1,200mm diameter & 800kg weight.

This simple but effective "flip-over" folding design features an in-built drum ramp (when unfolded) allowing for the easy loading of even quite heavy drums. Simply place each roller on the floor located at the drum width, open each roller half and roll the drum into position.

Flip over roller allows drum sizes from 450mm to 1200mm diameter
Maximum loading 800kg
Lockable rollers for loading and unloading of drums.
Each pair of rollers is compact and portable with inbuilt carry handles.


Width Height Length
140mm 115mm 1050mm (unfolded)
140mm 150mm 680mm (folded)


Weight: 22kg per pair