Product Catalogue

Starroll Industries have designed and currently manufacture in Australia, a wide range of portable and easily moveable cable payoff (dispensing) solutions to provide the ideal solution for electricians, trades-people in the field, warehousing, wholesalers, or indeed anyone wishing to dispense cable from a wooden, plastic, metal or cardboard reels.

From the smaller A-Series Cable Rollers through to Portable Payoff Rollers, from the larger Cradle Rollers through to easy to use Mechanical Cable Lift Cable Jacks (able to handle up to 1,000kg) Starroll will, most likely, have the solution to your cable payoff needs.

In the case of our popular A-Series Cable Rollers, simply roll the reel onto the cable winder, feed the cable between the rear roller and base and your are ready to operate.

The reel will roll on the base as the cable is dispensed.  The reel cannot dislodge from the base as the cable is captive between the rear roller and base. No more reels rolling all over the factory floor as cable is dispensed.

The base sizes and four model variations available cover small to large reels up to 90mm diameter and 200kg maximum load.

Cable Roller [3-Rollers] 55kg
Cable Roller [2-Rollers] 85kg
Cable Roller [3-Rollers] 85kg
Cable Roller [3-Rollers] 200kg
Portable Payoff Rollers-800KG
Mechanical Lift Cable Jack-1000kg
Cradle Roller-500kg
Drum Payoff Unit - 3,000kg Lift